I received the Bow Trainer on Monday, when I came home from work. I read the manual and I've been VERY PLEASED and HAPPY with the Bow Trainer. I have an archery exercise program that I put together for my particular needs (shooting and hunting with heavy traditional bows-80 Lb Pull). In the short time that I've used it, I am glad that I've incorporated the Bow Trainer into my exercise program. It gives me the versatility and "Bow Training" that I wanted in my program. The bow trainer is great for a traveling bowhunter and archer also. That's critical to me, as I'm on the road with my work, and writing.
Chuck Smick,   Outdoor Writer and VERY Satisfied Customer, Paducah, Kentucky.

It works very well for me. I like it because I know what weight I am pulling.
Dwight Hills, Fairfax, California

I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I have been able to extend my accuracy and distance since I received the Bow Trainer. I have already spread the word amongst my friends and hopefully they will buy your product.
Paul Nowaczewski, Center Line, Michigan

I have been an avid archer for 30 years, and then in May of this year I pulled all of my bicep tendons and muscles loose in my arm. This required some pretty intensive surgery and rehab, and they told me no archery this year!!! I thought to myself, this is not going to happen to me so I focused on my own workout regimen, then I found the Bow Trainer. In less than 3 weeks I had worked myself up to repetitions on the hardest level and I mean hardest level!!!. What I did like was the fact that instead of using the hardest level at half draw, I would double up on the other bands for my reps. Anyway, have not shot a buck yet but I am able to pull my 68lb Hoyt back and shoot eight reps of three every night during practice, I even recommended the Bow Trainer to my physical therapist. By the way because of the Bow Trainer I was able to finish my therapy well ahead of schedule.
Chuck Edwards, Weatherford, Texas

I use it every day just for conditioning and muscle memory. I feel it really helps. I have recommended it to many friends
Richard Glad, Madison, Wisconsin

This has been one great training aid.  I especially like the way I can increase my poundagepull without doing anything except adding one additional tube, orjust changing to another tube.  One great new aid for archery training.
Raleigh Lane, Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks. I enjoy your bow trainer; it allows me to exercise daily when I don’t have time to shoot my bow. Great design.
Jerald Pilling, LPT, Huntsville, Texas

I purchased a bowtrainer about four months before archery season, worked out with it between four and five nights a week about twenty minutes every time while watching something on TV - it made the time fly by. About five years ago I had shoulder and back problems and had to sell my bow. After using bowtrainer I have bought a new bow and can shoot it with more ease than ever before.  The bowtrainer was great therapy for my shoulders and back. I now shoot with no pain and can shoot more poundage. Thanks for giving me back my favorite sport.
Bill Adcock, Stigler, Oklahoma

The Bow Trainer is great. I am very excited I found this product. I highly recommend purchasing the Bow-Arm Resistance Trainer accessory with the Bow Trainer.
Steven Liimatta, Blaine, MN

This is a great idea....can easily use it anywhere! It really strengthens both the left/right side upper body.
Steve Wilburn, Columbus, OH

This is a great device. It really helps to work the very specific "archery" muscles!
Leanne Fishburne, Columbia, SC